Our Ethos

At Purganics, we strive to get high quality, effective, safe, eco-friendly products to you which follow our principles of being

Let us elaborate how.


All our products  use natural materials and only if absolutely necessary use synthetics which are safe for human use and have minimal environmental impact. We are transparent about all the materials used in our products and stand behind the efficacy of all our products.

Purganics feminine hygiene line is 100% natural and free from plastics, perfumes, chlorine based dyes, petroleum derived products and pesticides.

Chlorine is the most commonly used bleaching agent in conventional sanitary products which releases dioxins in the environment and traces of it are left in the product itself. Dioxins are known carcinogens and increase our risk for cancer. Purganics' products are free from chlorine.

Purganics is hypoallergenic, uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is naturally absorbent. Our waterproof backing is also made of plant based polymers which are fully biodegradable.

Purganics Dental Hygiene line uses 100% biodegradable bamboo for its toothbrush handles, the bristles are made from Dupont Nylon 6 bristles which degrade sooner than any other nylon variety.


We love our planet and want to minimize plastic waste and protect our lovely world. Our women's sanitary products are 100% natural and biodegradable. Our toothbrushes are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo. Bamboo is a fast growing grass and is naturally sustainable.

Be Purganic! Buy Purganic!

By Choosing Organically grown Cotton, you reap all the benefits of Cotton’s qualities, comfort and strength. While minimizing harm to yourself and our planet.

Organically grown cotton has less of an environmental impact than conventionally grown cotton since organic cotton does not use pesticides, fungicides, GMO's or pesticides all of which are pollutants.Conventional Cotton Farming uses approximately 25% of the world’s Insecticides and more than 10% of the Pesticides (including  Herbicides, Insecticides, and Defoliants). Simply put Organic Cotton feels good on your skin and good on your conscience. 

A key feature of our sanitary products made with 100% organic cotton and our bamboo brushes is that they are biodegradable vs. plastics used in commercial products that never leave our planet and kills millions of marine animals and impacts human life. Moreover, bamboo is a fast growing grass that is naturally anti-bacterial which means there is no need to use insecticides or pesticides during its lifespan, which means it is naturally pure and organic.


At Purganics', we believe in making a positive impact in the communities we live and work in.  With every Purganics purchase, you make we will donate part of our profits to provide period protection to rural women and toothbrushes to rural children all over the country.

Purganics products are never tested on animals given that they are thoroughly tested on humans during numerous human trials before they are released for use for our discerning customers.